I am Ramūnas Dagys and I was born in Radviliškis, Lithuania, in 1966. I studied and graduated from the Pedagogical Institute of Šiauliai at that time (now University of Šiauliai), mechanical drawing, art and works specialty. My final work was an oil painting, called ’’Stanislov left’’, prof. V. Gečas. Since 1991 I have been working as an art teacher in Radviliškis art school. And only in my spare time I create art. The broadest field of creativity - oil painting and its improvisations. Clay molding accompanies periodically. Also, photography is another one of my favorite fields of art. And all this creative journey has been ongoing for thirty-five years now.  

My creative work includes pieces in painting, ceramics. Working with wood, stone, and metal gives me joy as well. I am a prolific plein air artist and an active participant of numerous exhibitions. Since 2009 I have been a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association. During this whole creative period, works have undergone numerous stages. Gradually, undergoing slight changes, the oeuvre has matured and acquired an individual style distinguishing me from other artists’ works. What oeuvre has retained, however, is that it always balances between realism and abstraction.

Rendered through expressive brushstrokes, the paintings feature nature which remains open and is in a constant dialogue with man. In my works I do not seek to recreate a landscape in a recognisable way, rather, what is crucial is the inner state when the paintbrush in my hand captures the relationship with nature, instant moods, emotions, experiences, and senses. The horizons in the paintings contain encoded signs which help the viewer decipher implicit ideas and create his/her own vision.

The works extensively feature complex symbols which in a way transform and distort reality by imbuing it with originality and otherness. In the compositions of lines and stains and in their organic forms lies the essence and the unexpectedness of the paintings. The works invite others and myself to search for the meanings of the objects featured in paintings and to re-decode the concepts and ideas encoded in the artistic pieces.