FAQ about painting

What kind of themes are dominant in your paintings?

Since most of my paintings are abstractions, I leave space for the viewer's imagination. However, there are quite a few motives of the sea, the seaside, the nature, which are combined together with impressions of the moment, inner mood and experiences. 

What are the few words that would describe your paintings?

Expressive, conveying subtle impressions and feelings of the moment. Also, paintings give a chance for others and for myself to search and discover meanings of the painted objects, to read encoded concepts, ideas. 

What technique of painting is used  in most paintings? 

Mostly oil on canvas. 

What are the most common sizes of your paintings?

The most common sizes of my paintings are these: 40x50, 50x60, 60x80, 70x70, 70x90, 100x100.

What are the prices of your paintings?
Prices vary according to Your budget. You can check specific paintings and their prices here: https://ramunasdagys.com/tapyba/kaina

Do you frame the paintings?

No, I don’t, but I have contacts of people who do frame paintings and I can share them if needed.

Why don’t you frame the paintings?
Because the frame is rather individual. You may want the frame to match Your interior, style, colors. Or sometimes You may not want the frame at all.

Do you make prints of the paintings?

No, we don’t.

How to choose the most suitable painting for my house?

Choosing the most suitable painting for Your house is a rather responsible step and me and my team do everything that Your choice would be as smooth and confident as possible. When You tell us that You want a specific painting, we come to Your house (in Lithuania), we bring Your chosen painting and additionally we bring 15-20 similar themes or dimensions paintings. Then You sit comfortably and we hang each painting and tell their stories. This way You will really choose one or few of the most suitable paintings. All we need from You: photos of Your house walls, wall measurements and the preferable theme of paintings. We take care of everything else. Usually this process takes about 2-3 hours.

How to choose the most suitable painting for my office?
Our team offers art rental service for offices. Same as with the paintings for the house, all we need from You is the measurements of Your office walls, photos of the walls and a preferable theme of the paintings. And we take care of everything else: we bring more paintings of similar themes and dimensions, we come to Your office, hang the paintings, tell their stories and finally hang the chosen ones. If You will like some paintings from the rented ones for Your office as much that You would like to purchase them, it is possible. We are happy that there already are some offices which rent our paintings. Please contact us by email: welcome@ramunasdagys.com or call us +37067939931. We will be glad to answer all of Your questions and cover all the details for art rental!

Is it possible to change the exhibition of paintings for rent in the office?

Yes. After the contract expires, we can renew the contract and change the exhibition to paintings of a different theme or dimensions.

Is it possible to rent paintings?

Without a doubt! Together with the team, we rent paintings. There already are companies that rent art from us. We would be pleased to discuss art rental and answer all Your questions. Please contact us by email: welcome@ramunasdagys.com or call +37067939931!

Is it possible to ‘try on’ the paintings before buying?

Yes. We come to Your house or office with Your chosen paintings and we also bring several others of a similar colors or themes. This way You are able to choose and see which ones are the most suitable for You. 

Is it possible to purchase paintings in installments?

Yes, it is possible. After we sign the payment in installments contract, You can pick up the paintings  immediately or we can coordinate the delivery. 

 FAQ about ceramics

Are the paintings and ceramics created by one author?

Yes. All the art that You can see here is created by one author.

What are your ceramics made out of and why is it so light?

Most ceramics are made out of italian clay - it is higher quality and lighter itself, so that is where the lightness of ceramics comes from. Also, some sculptures and cups are made out of chamotte. Chamotte is a heavier clay, rougher and with more stone mass in it.

Is it possible to wash ceramic dishes in the dishwasher?

Yes, absolutely. Ceramic dishes are dishwasher safe. But when placing ceramic dishes in the dishwasher pay attention that they would not touch and hit other dishes.

Is it possible to use ceramic dishes in the microwave?

No, ceramic dishes are not suitable to be used in the microwave. 

What is the purpose of the small holes in wine glasses?

The small holes in wine glasses are for water to run through when You wash them in the dishwasher.

Do the cups retain heat?

Certainly yes! The cups retain heat very well.

Isn’t it hot to hold the cups in hand?

No, it isn’t hot to hold in hand, because the cups retain heat well and do not overheat. 

Do ceramic dishes break easily?

This ceramics is really durable, strong, it is not that fragile, although it is light. 

Do you take private orders? 

Yes, I take private orders.

What is the minimum order price?

If You would like to place a private order during my intensive work period or during a holiday season,  the minimum order price should reach 100 Eur. At other times there is no minimum order price. For Your private orders You are always welcome to get in touch by email: welcome@ramunasdagys.com or call +37067939931, or, if by any chance You are in Lithuania, Vilnius, come to Halle market, Halle Market Art Space (23A), so we could discuss the details!


FAQ about physical shop

Do you have a physical shop?

Yes! Physical shop is in Vilnius, Halle market. Physical shop is called Ramūnas Dagys. Halle Market Art space (23A).

Working hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 9:00 - 16:00h

Can I pay by card in your physical shop?


Are there other places where I could find you besides the website and Halle market?

Yes! Ceramics are also available on the WOLT app. Besides, Depeche coffee has ceramics in Halle market and in Balsiai shopping center ŽALI. 

FAQ about pickup

Where can I pick up purchased items?

You can pick them up via self-service parcel terminals or in physical shop in Halle market. We send all purchased paintings via post or, if agreed in advance, we can deliver them ourselves throughout Lithuania.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we ship to the majority of countries. Shipping price starts at 5 eur, but the final price is always confirmed after the shipment is formed, when the contents, size, weight and country to which the shipment should be sent are determined.