My Yard was painted when I was still a student. Meanwhile, there has been plenty of self-clarification and interesting processes of search, during which I asked myself what I had to do, what I liked. Remarkable professors’ speeches and own reflections shaped my direction, manners, aim and technique. At that time I thought that people had to be portrayed in the paintings. People, who are portrayed in this particular painting, are my people, the ones who used to come to the yard. We grew up together. I finished my studies and now I’m leaving my yard. Inspired by creative drive, searches and discoveries, I’m going to a new life, to my next choice. I’m leaving my yard and I’m leaving people surprised. These people seem to ask why I am leaving. And then an imaginable conversation began. I’m leaving to create. My Yard is a painting, reminding of great searches of own direction. After all, you don’t know who you will be, who you will be after a couple of years. You don’t know who you are in this creative ‘’parade’’. 

Canvas, oil.

76 cm x 58 cm