This painting was painted on the Latvian seaside in Nida. The time spent at the seaside is a big part of my life. The wonderful evenings of our Baltic Sea, which has a great influence on me, I can't live without it. Painting an evening by the sea while having to combine a red sunset with the clouds that cover it, seems to be an impossible task. Despite that, painting it always brings me great joy. Every evening has its own impulses, colours and compositional nuances. The evenings and the views at the seaside are fantastic, without which the sea would not be the sea. Indeed, it is not often that every artist sets himself the task of painting a sunset, but after one tries, an interesting search begins: what are the tones, the colours, how do they cover each other? To describe the process of painting Evening Glow in few words, it's fun stuff.

Canvas, oil.

100 cm x 100 cm